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Linda Orlans, Founder and Executive Chair at Orlans PC, eTitle Agency and Revlegal
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Years ago, when I was a single parent, I was working full-time in my own business and was engaged in many community causes. I was good at juggling a lot of things, but I did not feel I was doing one thing exceptionally well. As an entrepreneur and business owner, I realized I needed some guidance and that is when Dan Sullivan, co-founder of The Strategic Coach® Inc., introduced the concept of Unique Ability®. It was a turning point for me.

Dan’s program is based upon the concept that the key to success is to be really good at one thing and to do more of it to get better and better. What I learned from Dan was that success is about learning to delegate everything, except what he called “your genius or Unique Ability” and it was liberating.

It was then that I completely changed the way I lived and worked. I would constantly ask myself “Do I love doing this task?” If not, I looked for a way to delegate it to a technology solution or to someone who could do it better and faster than me. I realized how trying to be good at everything kept me from being good at what I was meant to do. 

I now get up every morning and look forward to doing work I love. I learned to delegate tasks that took my time, things I did not love doing and gave them to others who loved doing those tasks.

Revlegal is designed with a similar concept in mind—to help lawyers in corporate legal departments spend more time doing what they love and focusing on work that gives them true joy and happiness. Most attorneys went to law school to make a difference and to learn writing, speaking, negotiation or other valuable skills that allow them to create effective arguments, negotiate deals, or to provide high level value to their clients in whichever area of law they choose to practice. However, if you are bogged down in paperwork or are handling lots of administrative tasks, then you are not performing at your best. And chances are, you are not feeling fulfilled professionally.

That is why Revlegal is so unique. What we offer allows talent to perform their high value tasks and realize professional fulfillment. It is possible. And we are committed to help empower lawyers to find more joy in their important work.

Sign up for your free consultation with Revlegal and we’ll send you a copy of the “Unique Ability® 2.0 Discovery” book and companion notebook.

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