You strive to be leaner and more efficient.

Our legal services can help.

Consulting services


Lean realignment projects to accelerate efficiency and compliance of legal processes

  • Design or re-engineer workflows of complex legal processes
  • Analyze gaps and root causes of issues driving up cost, re-work, and missed milestones
  • Build, implement and manage intelligent automation to solutions
  • Provide metrics and reporting that show ROI of legal department to the organization

Conduct on-site training tailored for attorneys and legal operations professionals to streamline your everyday tasks and wrangle the most challenging legal projects

  • Lean for Legal Courses
  • Microsoft Tools for Attorneys
  • Project Management for Legal

Training For Lawyers



Full lifecycle management of contracts from drafting through obligation management and renewal services

  • Customize contract repository and migration of legacy agreements
  • Develop clause library and contract templates
  • Drafting and redlining of agreements with signature
  • Manage ongoing obligations
  • Optimize agreement profitability, compliance, and turn times using contract analytics

Document preparation and transactional support for high-volume legal process activity

  • Research and preparation of legal document templates
  • Review casinos and tagging legal documents utilizing AI technology for easy access to intelligent data
  • Automate document workflows through template and database integration

Legal Document
Review Services


Prepare, perfect service, and file lawsuits and support high-volume litigation activities

  • Conduct people and property searches to identify best addresses and owners/interest holders
  • Populate litigation-related documents using databases and automated solutions
  • Manage administrative activities for litigation projects
  • Prepare and mail service packets and process returns of service
  • File affidavits and other documents with courts